My name is Camila Reland.

I am 47 years old and live in Charlottenlund, Denmark.

I was born with my psychic abilities, but I am a trained psychic counsellor and therapist, astrologer and healer and have followed many exciting paths, taken courses and training to constantly develop, respect and fine tune the energy I work with and for.

My approach to working with energy, consciousness and power is, despite a great openness to the Cosmos and Source, is very down to earth, direct, compassionate but detached, and though we work with the deep Mystery, the messages coming through are clear.

 We are for sure in the world but not of it and, but no matter how spiritually conscious we are, we still need something tangible to work with.

This is what I offer.


I have worked with psychicism, energy, channeling messages, healing, astrology, nature energies /Gaia consciousness  and facilitating Circles for many years while day-jobbing in areas such as marketing research, teaching, management, and office administration.


Currently, I am studying prehistoric archeology, as I personally feel linked with and drawn to working with landscape memory, ancestral energies and wisdom, and feel especially curious about the shift in consciousness taking place in the transitional time to neolithisation (from hunter gathering to farming, nomadic lifestyle to sedentism) as I know there is something to learn from it and consider our current moderne lives and what is hapepning in the world today- climate and healthwise and politically.

I practice to the best of my ability to walk the Path of the Heart.

My deepfelt wish in everything I offer is for others to find the way to their own hearts.

I fully believe it is within our Hearts alignment with Source we all will find exactly the answers we seek.


About me