Heart Alignment ~Circle

The Power of Love ~ The Power of Joy

In this Circle we gather to align with the energy and force of the Sacred Heart.


We connect to the sacred and conscious breath.

Circle Work include elemental ceremonies that follow the seasons: Fire / Water Ceremony, Sound Meditation or Grounding Exercises.


In alignment with the open Heart and the awareness of what we can manifest from that space when we dare to trust that life loves us and that Joy is our natural state, we transcend the illusion that happiness is something that will come one day when we have struggled enough for it.

Joy is here and now. Life is here and now.


It is a transformative journey that reconnects you to your own soul love.

You need to be completely prepared and willing to cut to the bone and let go of the limitation of the ego.

It takes courage and willpower.


This can and will naturally touch upon some very vulnerable things, which is why you need to be willing to work on what hinders you from being open to love and live from the open Heart.


These blockages can manifest in your life as loneliness or relationship issues.

Anxiety and control issues.

Self-esteem problems.

Inability to find your path, soul tribe, or being able to see the direction but not get started .... and many other things that stands in the way of being in flow with joy.


The Circle is limited to 6 people and there is a confidentiality code.


The Circle opens on Thursday 20 August 2020.


Location: Greater Copenhagen, more info to follow.

Time: Thursdays at 18: 00-21: 00 -we meet once a month, and it is expected  that you work with taught techniques and practices yourself in between the Circles .

Registration and further information: 20 74 52 96

Fee 500 DKK.