Know Yourself (Workshop)

Do you feel the call from your Heart to live in alignment with who you are and your soul purpose?


That it is natural to live a life free from anxiety, limitation and your past programming of what is right and wrong? 

Do you have a hard time making decisions because you can not feel what is for you and what is not for you?


Do you still live your life bound by ancestral karma, repeating patterns from your parents, programming from your upbringing and society, or wounds from past experiences? And does it stand in the way of you being able to move on - with life, with what could instead let in joy and love?


Whether you're about to starting your own business, moving, changing jobs, living healthier, changing your life ..


Want to learn how to manifest everything you know is right for you? ... but you do not know how to get started? And would you like to work on removing the blockages that hinder you from opening your Heart?


Then simply.. Know Yourself.


Your Soul is unlimited. Your Soul is connected to the Universe. Your Soul knows that there is nothing to be afraid or worried about - so learn to surrender, trust and let go ..

The workshop Know Yourself is a mixture of energy and consciousness work, meditation practices, practical astrology, heart opening practices, power manifestation, conscious  breathing, invocations, ceremonies and learning how to work with and in nature and the seasons.
Sound, frequency, consciousness, healing, prayer work and blessings are using the ancient Mystery School traditions whose aphorism was 'Know Thyself'.


You learn how to bring balance to yourself. How you with the awareness of your own source alignment  can come into flow with your life.


Practical astrology is the study of how you are composed of the elements Fire, Air, Water and Earth, and how your soul manifests through and with them, as well as how you can consciously use season portal times and nature as a power ally.

You can use these insights to bring flow, manifestation and joy into your life, because you move into living in alignment with who you are, but also know where you are challenged and where you must be patient with your trials because you are fine-tuning or learning something that should not be forced.

Workshops are held regularly with a maximum of 9 participants.

Contact me for more information.
Place: Copenhagen area or can be designed to an online workshop via Zoom, or I can travel to your place if have a place and a group of 9 people.

Duration: Day workshop from 10: 00-17: 00

It is a prerequisite for participation that you know your birthday, time and place.


Fee per participant: 1200 DKK / 160 EUR


Student / Unemployed / Retired: 900 DKK / 120 EUR