Sacred Feminine (Workshop)

The old world is dissolving, and its old systems no longer work for us.

Our souls calling and hunger for living a life, -this life- we instinctively and intuitively feel, we are here to live in alignment with our Power becomes more and more obvious in our consciousness.

To fully step into who we are here to be, it is necessary to remove the blockages that stand in the way - and these are the programming running in your ancestral line.

In this workshop we work with your Sacred Feminine Power.
The power of women remains suppressed and is considered something dark, dangerous and forbidden. The Sun continues to be set above the Moon, the Masculine has been distorted and the Feminine has been misunderstood. Still.

First of all we must balance these two forces within ourselves.

Do you want to understand your sacred feminine Power as a Woman more deeply? The dark, intense emotions, the strong sensual and sexual forces, the ability to transform and create, freed from shame, guilt and blame, dimming your light to fit in, please, give away your power?


Let's work on the root of your innate wound a change the narrative of the story about who you are and can be.

Let's do the release work and healing and instead consciously invoke and manifest the new Life ..

Through energy practice, sound meditation and astrology, we look at how you embody all your abilities and your force in alignment with your higher self, so you can step more fully into becoming the Woman you are here to be.

We feel and follow the Moon's cycle in our inner Lives, and also where you innate force has become stagnant or given away completely, or perhaps is overpowered, hurt, angry or just out of balance.

Let's open our Hearts and set the Soul free to create a life in freedom.


Your life will change.

Your relationships will change.

And you will find that you will be able to manifest all that you know you are here to journey with in your life.


I need your date of birth: date, time and place.

Full confidentiality at the workshop.

Maximum 5 participants.

Day workshop from kl. 10-17.

Location: Charlottenlund or by appointment, alternatively online via zoom.


Bring your own lunch. Tea, snacks, fruit and water are served.

Fee per participant: 1200 DKK

Student / Pensioner: 900 DKK