Dark Work

A therapeutic ongoing work that runs over several sessions with transforming energy work, focus on stagnant emotions; dark emotions and healing.

Who do you reach out to when you feel the darkness?

When the ugly dark emotions surface triggered by yet another experience where you can not keep them down? Where all the anger, jealousy, hopelessness or just indefinable heavy emotions overshadow you and you are unable to act, react and see clearly - and you feel trapped and bond and controlled by that darkness.

How do you get through them? Can you find a healthy outlet for them, or does it take all your energy holding them down and suppressing them?

Do you feel ashamed, guilty even, heavy and angry?

Perhaps you do not know how you embody and contain them, an instead go into freeze mode until the energy has passed and normality is restored - and then this may be whereself-blame and guilt rise afterwards.

Perhaps you are just so relieved it passed, h
appy that it's over now, so you can continue with your life without these annoying feelings and pretend everything is fine- until next time .. and next time ..
..or do you think- I should get some help, but do not know how?

Or have you already been in therapy or worked with it, and has it not helped?

Do you still HAVE dark emotions caused by 'something' from your past - blocked and locked shocks, of all sorts, and it seems like you have tried everything and have given up?

In the almost 22 years I have worked with people and energy, I have not yet experienced that stagnant energy, which is trauma, in your bodies (physical, mental, emotion and energy), can be healed through talking about it in regular therapy or even through consciously changed reaction patterns (often just avoidance maneuvers that do not release the energy in you but leave it in there) alone.

I have learned that the only thing that can release locked and blocked energies is to journey directly through them with consciousness when they are active, and it can be enormously difficult to do alone because one's patterns and reactions to them are and will be same.

When your dark emotions are triggered in you, it is because something causes you to unconsciously relive the initiating shock, whatever it may be. You are trying to protect yourself from this and therefore you can react intensely. You may feel 'trapped' and unable to react with 'reason' in the situation, because it is the trigger that makes you feel that you are now in the same situation again, and must protect yourself from it happening. .

I offer you an opportunity to be helped, right there in the middle of the darkness.
When you are able to consciously acknowledge that you have been 'caught', that you are stuck in the dark and can not get out, there is the greatest possibility of a real breakthrough.


The only thing it requires of you is that you are ready to acknowledge and dare to be with the violent and irrational ugly emotions - it can be intense anger, jealousy, hatred, frustration or deep sadness, hopelessness, and that you are willing to join them to be curious where they want to take you them.

I will guide and hold you in light, energy, healing and unconditional love and be with you while we allow those feelings to become your reality. It's the door to come out on the other side - and it's also the only thing you can not do yourself, because it will mean that your ego dies, and therefore it keeps the emotions in check and that way you never get over what is stuck in your system.

Perhaps you need a few sessiosn before the work is done.

We take it at a pace that honors you, your journey and your readiness. Other times you are completely ready and then the process is done in less time.

The practical:

Get in touch for a clarifying talk, so we  can discern together what your needs are and how much is needed to work with.

Often, this initial talk will activate and trigger you, so it is important that you are ready.

I make myself available for urgent inquiries from you when you are in the dark, as this is where we need to work, and therefore it can only work this way - and you email me and you are guaranteed an appointment as soon as possible and no later than within 12 hours.

NOTE: this is primarily for clients who are used to working with themselves and already are aware of own inner darkness who feel  ready for work because of recent or regular experiences of darkness.

Initial interview: 115 EUR.

Fee per session: 175 EUR.

Sessions over zoom only.


+45 20745296