Mentoring Sessions

This is an offer for you who need coaching, advice or just sparring for a period of time.
You may be a former client where we have 'worked long enough' and you are doing your own thing but would like feedback, support and guidance, or that I tune in to where you are and what is relevant for you to work with so you can develop further on the path you are already on.

It may be that you yourself work as a therapist and need guidance for your business or your therapist abilities, how you can work and grow  in depth.

Maybe you have finished your training as a coach, healer, seer, psychic, acupuncturist or similar, and need guidance to fine-tune what you already know.

The approaches and needs can be many - but I can guide and listen - while we go through situations, client experiences, ethical issues or something completely different that helps you further in your independent work with yourself and your transformations or in situations where you work as a healer, therapist or counselor facilitating guidance for others.

As always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Naturally the session is designed for your needs, and astrology, psychicism, channeling, invocations, soul guidance and completely common practical witchy -stuff are (of course) part of the work.

Fee: 125 EUR.
Package deal: 8 sessions 880 EUR  which are paid at once.

Session via zoom only.


Mobile: +45 20 74 52 96 


1 hour session

950 DKK / 125EUR

Student / Unemployed / Retired:

750DKK / 100 EUR


Sessions via Zoom only.