Nature Walk

A dayn of connectingf and aligning to Earth, Nature, hiking and visiting sacred lands...

A day where you connect with the force of Life.

Walk and Talk with healing, messages, vision questing and release. Visits to sacred sites and small ceremonies where Nature heals.


I will guide you to reconnect to Earth, the sea, the trees, the wind, the sun, the rain, the animals, the fire, the power, the pulse, the elves, the trolls or what and who we meet on our hike.



There are many beautiful and energetic places in Denmark - you probably know some of them yourself.


Learning to listen to the power of nature and to the power and sanctuaries of the earth, to feel the energy and to connect with the special energies at work (or play) in those places, are great for finding inner wisdom, self-healing and peace.


The day combines traditional Nordic animism, astrology and classical vision questing with the energy of hiking, healing, alone time in sanctuaries, meditation and tree hugging.


A minimum of 2 hours is set aside for the hike. I guide and heal, but ultimately the experience is your own, and you should be aware in advance of what you want to release, ask for, see, acknowledge, seek advice for ..


The hikes usually take place in Dyrehaven in Jægersborg preferably on special energy days.


Bring water, a small blanket, notebook and pen.


Booking: 20 74 52 96


Fee: 800 DKK / 105 EUR


Student / reduced price for unemployed / retired etc: : 600 DKK/ 120 EUR