Practical Astrology (Workshop)


This is a workshop for you who perceives and understands astrology intuitively, as an organic part of your soul DNA and your life.
For you who wants to understand astrology more deeply and learn
how you can consciously bring your aspects and dynamics into play, to a deeper understanding of your life journey, healing and self awareness.
Maybe for use in your own practice as an astrologer, therapist or whatever you work with.

On this workshop we focus on the elements, movements, dynamics, flow, blind spots, balance and the archetypal expression of the planets through you.


By studying and understanding your own aspects and elemental composition and by looking at others, you learn to apply astrology on a practical and intuitive level instead of a mathematical and mental level.


Ceremonies, invocations, embodiment and practical exercises are included in the workshop.


There is confidentiality in the workshop.

You must know your birth details (date, time and place) to be able to participate.

Maximum 5 participants.

Day workshop from 10 am - 5 pm.

Bring your own lunch. Tea, snacks, fruit and water are served.


Location: Charlottenlund, by appointment or online via Zoom.


1200 DKK / 160 EUR

Reduced price: 900 DKK / 120 EUR 




        As above so below

     as within so without

as the universe so the soul